Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

I'll go in reverse order for dramatic effect:
The Ugly:
Sox lose 6-3, behind what seemed like a solid start for Smoltz until he tripped up in the 6th. The Rangers were powered by back to back dingers from Jarrod Saltilajhgfsdjka8476jhgmachhia and David Murphy. This will of course be known as Murphy's Law... if you trade for a washed up Eric Gagne, you will inevitably get burned by the player you sent in return.
The Bad:
Well, not bad in the disappointing sense, but as in "naughty"... Erin Andrews (who's been the object of desire here at the Cheese, on par with Jessica Biel) was filmed nude in her hotel room by someone equally as creepy as us.
The Good: This joke...
Q: What did Michael Jackson and Julio Lugo have in common?
A: They both wore a glove for no reason.
HIYO!!! (bet thats the first and last Julio Lugo joke you'll ever hear)

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