Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Halladay trade proposals

Ok JP Riccardi, we know you're a frequent reader of the Cheese (or at least someone from Canada is thank you very much Canadian readers) so here are a few trade options that I'm sure the Sox would be willing to pull the trigger on if you say go.

DeMarlo Hale for Halladay, straight up. I know what you're thinking JP, Hale is a base coach and Halladay is arguably the most dominate pitcher of the last few years. We're looking at playing time here and Hale shows up EVERY DAY and is ready to go. We're pretty sure he's got some sweet baseball knowledge to go with that over the top enthusiasm shown here.

250 snowblowers for Roy. That's right, count 'em up. Two hundred and fifty. Seeing as you're in Canada I can only assume you get lots of snow and that you could use 250 snowblowers to help move the snow around. I don't know how much money that is but I'm guessing once you add in the tax and take into consideration the strength of the dollar that we're talking tens of hundreds here. As a bonus, we'll throw in George Kottares to man the blowers. He's from Canada you know.

Similar to the Dice K deal, the Sox will "post" some money which you can then turn around and use to heat all your toilet seats in the Skydome-Roger Center place you guys play. Honestly it's an insult to your fan base that you haven't done this yet with the constant snow and cold weather up there. This one screams 'fan favorite'.

We'll take Millar back, free of charge. We know he's been bugging Rolen about the 04 thing.

We saved the best for last. If you really want to turn heads let's work together and pull off the first double sport trade ever known to man. You send Halladay to Fenway and I'll talk to that guy that owns the Bruins and we'll send some presumably 18 year old Russian kid to play hockey for you. We're talking win-win here. The Blue Jays are a fad. I know, the World Series in the 90s but we think it's time to give Canada a chance to reclaim it's hockey glory. Did you know a team from Florida won the Stanley Cup a few years ago? That has to bug you.

So, there you have it, JP. Let us know what works for you and I'll have Theo on the phone ASAP.

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