Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MLB spy for hire

Ok, normally at this time I'm at my apathetic best, completely ignoring the all-star game... doing something like channeling my inner culinary skills and cooking up a giant pancake for dinner.

Anyways, I just discovered that I can watch the All-Star game online... from several different views... AL or NL dugout... behind the plate... 3rd base line. This is great, I feel like a spy walking around Busch Stadium at will. Most of the views are sans McCarver too, which is ultra-awesome. Ah ha!... just caught Ken Rosenthal picking his nose.


Educated Jon said...

The little red x picture is very spy like, although I'm not sure I get how it ties in.

Steve said...

really, its a red x? its showing up here. dammit, ah well, thats too bad. it was a photo of me spying on Erin Andrews.

Educated Jon said...

All good now.