Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joe Maddon can pound sand

Pound away Joe. For a second I wanted to find a picture of Wake and put it up there but then I got emotional so I'm going sans picture for this one. Everyone just imagine Timmy up above this babble, smiling at us all like he usually does. His neck is probably bright red, goatee workin', knuckler just floating around like a drunk fly. I'd like to say this can only work as motivation for Timmy, but I don't see the guy as an "avenge my death" type of guy. I'm guessing he'll come out after the break and do his job like he has for 30 some odd years and when asked about not getting into the game he'll probably give a little smile and say "It was an honor just to be there and I can understand where Joe was coming from. We won the game and for a team like ours that's the important part." Even in my fake words Timmy has some real class.

Honestly though, the nerd glasses and the stupid mohawk, eff you Maddon. You are now destined to be the guy who manages the team that could never quite put it together. '08 will be your doom because your rag tag bunch of 24 year olds will never mesh like that again. See you in baseball purgatory, pal.

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KatieMB said...

I luvs me some Wakey!