Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The curse of the jinxed shirt

You know those player T-shirts with the name on the back, well I don't buy those anymore and here is why.

Remember Carl Everett? Of course you do. Crazy Carl. The guy didn't believe in dinosaurs or man walking on the moon which leaves open a slew of other things he probably didn't believe in but we just never had a chance to find out... or not find out. Well, I had a shirt of his. Maybe I bought it because his name represents a city in MA, but then where's my Wakefield excuse? Maybe I bought it because I thought I'd never see another one in my life so I took the chance. I don't really remember. Regardless I bought it and wouldn't you know the guy goes tits up crazy in matter of a few zany weeks.

Shea Hillenbrand. That's right, THE Shea Hillenbrand. They made shirts for him. He hit that grand slam against The Tampa Bay Devil Rays (oh the days of the Devil) that hit off the catwalk in the Trop and the Sox won the game back in 02?. That was awesome. Owning a Shea Hillenbrand shirt wasn't so awesome.

Nomar. I don't want to talk about it.

Manny. 24. What a safe bet I thought to myself. New face of the franchise. Sure he complains every year but they'll never get rid of him. He's like that crazy cousin that gets drunk at family parties and tries stabbing the cooler but you still forgive him because that's just him. Oh well. At least I got some good years out of it.

Coco. I can't take credit for buying this one as it was a gift, but I sure jinxed the hell out of it.

So, I no longer purchase the jersey type T-shirts. However, I have had an amazing effect on the players that I buy a gimmick T-shirt of. My "Pedroia the destroyah" shirt I bought while he was slumping last year surely set him right and my "Yoooouuuukkkk" shirt has been working like a charm. Come to think of it, anything I buy from a skeevy looking dude on Lansdowne has always worked out pretty well for me. Life lesson learned.


Section 18, Row C, Seat 8. said...

hahahaha i bought those same shirts from a creepy guy on landsdowne

Jon said...

He obviously has some pretty sweet Sox mojo working.

Guest said...

I agree with you when it comes to shirts or jerseys with a name on it, but I do have a "lifer" rule. You can buy the Wakefield one as he is a lifer and therefore deemed safe. It would be like buying a Brady or Bruschi jersey, you know they aren’t going anywhere and even if they do they are always going to be Boston guys and therefore wearable whenever for the rest of your life. I have a Boston Clemens shirt I wear, but that is just because I think it is funny.

Jon said...

Good point, there is definitely a "lifer" rule that has to come into play. I think the Manny one will be ok with time. The other guys were just kind of flashes in the pan. Crazy, dino-hating flashes.