Monday, June 29, 2009

Yeah, she'll do

Annnnnd it's over. Finally. No more of this craziness of Lester with a bat in his hand or Masterson taking BP or replacing Okijima with Baldelli and then double switching Baldelli with the one armed man. Now on to more important things like going to Fenway South and messing up the O's and padding the Sox lead atop the AL East. I fully expect the rain to stop now that interleague is over but mother nature continues to bitch slap us with this constant downpour.

This weekend Summer Catch AND Out Cold were on tv and those are 2 of those movies that it doesn't matter that I have them on DVD just sitting a few inches from the DVD player, when they are on tv I watch them. In the case of Out Cold I watch it and get upset because they bleep out all the good stuff. The worst movie of all time for bleeping, or at least the worst bleep job, is by far Major League, namely the end scene where Wild Thing needs to strike out that Yankee asshat and Corbin comes over to him and his mouth starts moving like he's in a Jackie Chan flick. Any opinions on the worst bleep job?


tommy said...

the breakfast is a pretty horrible bleep job to what i remember. "flip you" is what brian screams at claire. i think goodfellas if its ever on tv must be the worst.

tommy said...

breakfast club even.

Jon said...

Oh yeah, speaking of Goodfellas, Casino is pretty bad. "Freak me? Freak me? Freak you you freaking freak." We get it Joe. You're mad.