Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just one more

Today marks the end of interleague play. Thank effing Christ. With a win, the Sox can finish 12-6, with a loss 11-7. It's nothing to complain about but personally I can't wait til they start playing some "normal" games again. Something about interleague play just irks me. Maybe I'm just jealous that the NL has so many opportunities to do all those cool double switches. I bet D.O., Remy and Eck would hate it because a the end of the game their score cards would read like some old Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Brad "I get hot chicks" Penny toes the rubber (that's baseball terminology 101 for you there) today. See what the Braves throw at the boys today but with another rainy day up here in New England we're staring a sweep right in the mug and I like the odds.

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