Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wang Banged

Yesterday while I was at work, working like I usually do and checking to see which Google Images of Jessica Biel I could look at without setting off the office firewall detection thing, I stumbled across something that said Kevin Youkilis was injury prone and they cited the DL stint this year and the few other freak things that happened to him and it got me thinking a bit. I wasn't really thinking if Youk was infact injury prone or not because I think that's a load of horse sh*t, but I instantly thought of that picture above and how a guy that eats baked beans straight out of a can AND publicizes it like that would totally f*ck someone up for doubting their battle wounds. Youk, I don't doubt your injuries and I don't doubt the fact that you're most likely sweating your ass off eating those beans and that you'll have a killer stain on that shirt in 5 seconds, but as Eck would say 'you gotta have that.'

I have to say I love seeing the Sox beat the Yankees in different ways. The shutout was awesome especially with Beckett and the 'pen just whooping asses all night long, but there's something to be said for the 1-run victory and getting Paps out there to end it with the tying run at the plate. Lowell and Youk both went deep and although Wake wasn't at his best it just showed that the Sox don't need their best to beat whatever former shell of Chein Ming Wang The Yanks are tossing out there every 5 days.

Tonight it's CC vs BB (Big Brad). Usually I'll take Penny in the cheeseburger eating contest, but I don't even think the odds are on him for that tonight. The Yanks are pissed and they want to come out of Boston with at least one win and nothing would be better than to bitch slap them around one more time before sending them packing til they meet again in August. I just hope Youk ate his beans.

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