Sunday, June 14, 2009

This one was pure mojo

When Julio Lugo (yes, THE Julio Lugo) goes 4-5 and almost doubles his RBI total for the year in one game something has to be going on and that something is some serious mojo. Of course Cappy Crapshoot can't seem to channel any of that sh*t for himself but a win is a win against the defending champs. The Phills definitely helped out by stumbling all over themselves in the first inning but honestly that was just the mojo seeping across the field into their dugout and making them incapable of performing simple baseball tasks. The jo' is some serious stuff.

The only thing that can help me make it through a rainy Sunday afternoon where I'm suffering from a major Dice K hangover is the thought that the boys get to go for their second straight sweep today with Joshua Patrick Beckett toeing the rubber and JPB is sure to bring his nastiest cheddar when the time calls for it. Hopefully the rain Gods let this one happen beacuse tomorrow is an off day and then the inter"almost real baseball" league play continues back in Boston Tuesday against the Marlins.

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