Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Riddler

If anyone every says "Man, good thing Timmay is pitching today because we always know what we get with ol Timmay." then you should probably just walk away before it gets ugly. Actually, you should also kick that person square in the pills for jinxing the upcoming game. Anyways, I love Timmy. We all do. How can you not like the guy? Especially after that recent 'pass the potato salad' spot on NESN. Genius. The one thing ol Timmy is not, is predictable. From one to the next, his starts are comparable to that of a turrets attack. That's because the knuckle ball is like bringing a 3 year old to a funeral. You can control it most of time, take it out and impress people with the marvel that is the knuckling 3 year old, but when you really need it to shine the f*&cking thing won't stop moving all over the place. Then everyone's dead. That's what happens when the knuckler moves. Everyone ends up hurt.

Another off day today. I'm sure that means something totally baseball irrelevant coming up on here. I can't wait.

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