Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lets celebrate the good times. All 500 of them.

Last week the Sox attained their 500th consecutive sellout at Fenway.  A truly amazing achievement, considering that the Sox used to try and draw crowds with  the likes of Jeff Frye at second base.
Anyways, as we all know, baseball is a game of numbers, and surely there were many other plateaus reached this season that were not celebrated.  The Cheese investigates:

Terry Francona steals a total of $500 of Jacoby Ellsbury's lunch money.
- while he's at bat, in the field, in the clubhouse.  One of the perks of being the boss.  This is an especially tough milestone to reach given that Jacoby's daily lunch allowance is only 50 cents.

Julio Lugo gets mentioned in the same sentence as Rizzo the Rat for the 500th time.
- for obvious reasons, and not because Julio likes pizza.

Kevin Youkilis's socks cause the clubhouse sprinklers to be set off for the 500th time.
- pales in comparison to his mark of 1,208 record while at the University of Cincinnati.

Dustin Pedroia beats Mike Tyson Punch-Out on 500 consecutive tries.
-the parallels between Little Mac and the reigning MVP are uncanny.

Brad Penny dresses up like an urban cowboy for the 500th straight day.
- a streak that stretches back to his days in LA.  John Travolta would be proud.

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