Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The other Ramirez comes back

Hanley is back at the Fens for the first time since being traded in that deal where the Sox got Josh “I eat human flesh for the flavor” Beckett and Mikey “Call me Mikey” Lowell. Granted Ramirez only had something like 2 ABs in ’05 before he was shipped out but he was supposedly the second coming of Jesus H Garciapara according to those that poured over the farm system (and apparently they were right on). Then there was that time when everyone was afraid the Sox got shafted because we all thought Lowell was going to pull a Tony Clark and play two games, instantly fall into a wheel chair and then subsequently get pushed onto 93 in said wheel chair by some over crazed fans. Glad he turned it around and while I don’t think the Sox can complain about the WS title they got in 07 with great help from Lowell and the soul stealing Beckett, since H-Ram has been gone there’s been that whole revolving door at short stop thing going on which everyone likes to b*tch about. Well tonight we get to see what may have been, then if you’re lucky or wanting to kill mass amounts of brain cells beyond what beer/drugs/a blunt object is capable of, you can listen to every radio station debate whether he should have ever been traded. Just to add a little bit to that, the trade took place during those odd days when Theo was in Egypt exploring the ancient tombs of King Dustypants or doing whatever it was he was doing. Oh the humanity.

Wake on the mound tonight and we'll have to see how the knuckler floats. Expect some salad tonight. Lots of salad.

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