Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's pretty. It's soooo pretty.

I'm kind of ashamed to say in grade school I never learned that song that names all the states in the US. I know there are a few that start with "A", Massachusetts falls somewhere in the middle and from what I can recall there are none that begin with the letters "Q" or "Z". Something I did learn last night though is that Josh Beckett may or may not have been sent to us from the planet Zagbond with strict instructions on how to dismantle a $200 mil team of pretty boys. Becks was on last night and for the second time in a week he threw some serious cheese and painted the corners with what can only be described as a sexy hook, not to be confused with the type of hook some of you may be accustomed to. On top of all that Ortiz (can't call him Papi til he hits 5 HRs, sorry) put one away to dead center and got the crowd in the game early, not that they need an excuse to be drunk and rowdy during a Sox/Yanks game but some vintage Ortiz always helps the cause. Also last night I'm not sure if it was obvious to everyone, but Eck and Don had some serious chemistry kind of to the point where when they showed the shot of them in the booth I was almost sure one of them wouldn't have pants on. To hear D.O. and that wheezy laugh again makes my heart flutter just a little and then you combine that with a Sox pouncing of the Yanks and I slept like a little baby boy.
Tonight it's Wake vs Wang and the way both of them have pitched this year we can only be having happy thoughts right now.

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