Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey, We're Alive

Well, more alive than the Red Sox at least. You know when you get really busy at work that when you go home you think about work and when you go to your beer league softball game you think about work and when you're at work you think about sleeping because all that thinking about work makes you tired? Yeah. That's what's up right now. Thanks work.

Apparently it took roughly 5 months, but John Lackey pitched last night. I know, he's been "pitching" all season, but last night he actually showed up. Maybe if it was July and he turned in a 7 inning 1 run show then I'd be excited, but the guy's been MIA the entire year and now he has the balls to go out and put on a show against the O's in September with 20,000 strong watching? What a douche. Now during the off-season Teets can say how strong Lackey finished the year and deflect the angry energy and empty beer bottles that will be thrown his way. Can't this season just end already?

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