Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oppurtunity Wasted

Sure, a split isn't the worst thing in the world but with the Yanks and Rays both losing yesterday it would have been nice to bring the Mariners back out to the woodshed twice in one day and make up a little ground here before it's too late. It's little things like that (you know, not beating sh*tty teams) that may just keep this team out of the playoffs. Carpe The Diem here guys. Seize the f*ck out of that diem for Christ sakes. Get the diem. Just get it.

It's almost September. It seems like the whole season The Sox have been 5 1/2 or 6 games back. At the start of August it seemed do-able. 40 games to play, only need 6 games, sure why not? Now it's the end of August and it's still 5 1/2 games. We need sweeps and chokes and some well timed injuries to other teams for a change and maybe that will help this team make it all the way back but even then. 5 1/2 games? F*ck.

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