Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sox Lose and Yankees Fans Are Still Jerks.

Today. Seattle.

In the first inning of The Yanks/M's game a ball was hit into RF foul territory and Ichiro brushed up next to that girl. Yes, the one freaking out. Here is the video if you really want to see how it went down. Anyways, besides that girl freaking out like she just won something (to be fair it looks like they gave her a free baseball and shirt AND she got to touch Ichiro), that dude on the right continues to give overweight moron Yankee fans around the country a good name as he bobs into the shot (right around :47 seconds), throws up 5 fingers which is a gang sign for "I'm A Stupid Fat Yankee Fan" and then goes back to his seat after he's ruined every one's meal at home. Thank you fatty.

Ok, back to your Saturday night.

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