Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm going on the DL

This weekend I had too much to drink, ate waaaay too many burgers, gorged myself on at least a dozen pieces of pie and then thought it would be a good idea to the same thing again on Sunday... and Monday. Hurrah for me. Rather than go into work and face the perils of sitting at a computer all day where I can't eat mass amounts of animal flesh and am not allowed to drink ice cold beer, I've decided to pull a Drew and put myself on the DL. Of course this means absolutely nothing because I am not an athlete in any sense of the word, so this is really just another stunt to make sure my wife really meant it when she said "... and I take you with or without the Educated Cheese." Which she really did say... or something to that extent. I just kept re-playing that wedding scene from Old School in my head and chuckling to myself during the ceremony.

To be quite honest, I didn't have much time to watch The Sox this weekend. Well, sure I had time, but while we had 4 kegs, a grill, a pool, smaller nieces and nephews to fetch us whatever we wanted at any time of the day, the one thing we don't have hooked up outside my uncle's house is a flat screen. I did see that they dropped one to Baltimore, bringing their season record against the worst team in baseball to 6-6. I know they're trotting out something that barely resembles a spring training split squad right now, but I honestly believe the O's are even worse than that and they keep losing to them. I'm not expecting 18-0 against them for the season, but right now maybe 9-3, or 8-4, for f*cksake just something about .500. The fact that The Sox are even in this "race" right now in the East is amazing and if things stay this close all year these stupid little pencil d*ck games against the O's are going to mean something. There, I have unleashed thy furry. Take me to the All-Star break... and give me another beer.

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