Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Anti-Jinx never fails.

Never. Ever. Yesterday I poke fun at JD and his lack of, well, everything, and last night the dude comes through with two dingers. You can thank us for lighting that fire under JD's namby-pamby ass by questioning his toughness/string of injuries/beliefs in dinosaurs. Wait, that's Carl Everett. I always get the two confused. Regardless, that whole game reeked of Drew though. The game itself was only 2 hours and 7 minutes, the quickest game in Boston since 2008 or something but it was definitely the quickest game I ever remember seeing. Yet another sign of Drew because judging by the emotions just constantly pouring out of the right fielder he would rather be home, so a quick game let's him get back to fishing or building model cars or whatever mind numbing activities it is that he does during his off time.

This is really how quick the game was and how bad the umps wanted to get to dinner: The 3rd string catcher, aka our starter of the next month Kevin Cash, even threw out a runner while Wake was pitching. Wake?!? That's some quick sh*t.

1/2 game people. This could be a very happy fourth of July weekend for Sox fans. Sh*t, I just jinxed it.

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BBG said...

I heard that in his spare time, JD likes playing bingo at that retirement home for old Red Sox players...I think he and Mickey Lowell have some sort of "game" going on over there...wheelchair chop-shop or black market viagra...that's what I heard...