Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Educated Cheese hits the road

The Educated Cheese caravan is packing up the Sam Summer and hibachi grill and taking a road trip out west to go watch the Sox play in Colorado. By caravan, I mean first class flight. And by first class flight, I mean coach.

Regardless, get the DVRs ready, and look for us on the NESN broadcast of Thursday night's game at 8:40pm Eastern time, as we'll be making asses of ourselves and holding up the sign above, doing our best to make the baseball-watching world notice us. And if you don't see us, you'll know that one of the following happened:
A) Got on the wrong flight. Wound up in northern Russia.
B) Got way too drunk, had too many rocky mountain oysters, and got kicked out of Coors Field before the NESN cameras noticed us.
C) Remy was offended by my cartoon drawing of him and requested that he not put us jackasses on TV.

Off to the thin air.


BBG said...

And where are you sitting??? Safe trip!

Sports Chump said...

Wait.... first class isn't COACH?

Safe travels, guys!