Friday, April 2, 2010

The Sox may never be rid of Julio Lugo

A few years ago the Red Sox signed Julio Lugo to a big contract. 4 years, $36 Million to be almost exact. Last year Julio Lugo played 37 games in a Sox uni, but Boston still ponied up close to $9 Million to watch him suck a few games for the Sox, then for 80-something more for the Cardinals. Yesterday, Julio Lugo was traded to the Orioles for cash or a player to be named later... but he will still be making $9 Million this year... of the Red Sox money. Are you frackin' kidding me? The guy who was supposed to step in and be a fixture at SS here in Boston and 2 years later he's getting traded for cash considerations OR a player that isn't even good enough to name at the present time? Oh how the mighty have fallen. Even though he's not a legit starter for the O's, there's a good chance we'll still catch a glimpse of Loogs in passing.

Good thing we have Marco Scutaro...


Sports Chump said...

Ya know... I don't enjoy fantasy baseball. It's just too much of a commitment.

Yet somehow I got roped into playing in TWO leagues this year.

Not that that has anything at all to do with this post. I just felt like complaining about it.

BBG said...

Mark my words, Lugo will self-destruct this season with the Orioles (or whatever team he ultimately lands on permanently) if he's not a starting player....from what I hear (and I'm in the loop) he's a party guy and I see him partying a lot more if he knows he's only backup. Why not?? He's been headed in that direction for awhile...he's got the dollars, and he doesn't have to DO ANYTHING!!

Jon said...

Don't enjoy fantasy baseball?!?!? I've never heard such a thing. The enjoyment factor of fantasy baseball is way off the charts. I'll find the chart and email it to you.

I can't see Lugo being a party guy at all. I see him as the guy who sits at the table with the chips and dip, getting dip all over his shirt while drinking a Heineken and pretending to take shots.