Tuesday, April 27, 2010


For Theo,

From Websters: Prevention (Pre-ven-shun) - The act of preventing or impeding.

From Jon: Run Prevention - The act of preventing "runs" or impeding "runs".

There are 30 teams in the MLB. Most of them have been better at preventing runs thus far into the season. How much better? Here are some stats (I know, I'm desperate, breaking out the stats) that one would associate with run prevention and how the Sox rank against the other 29 teams in the MLB.

Hits allowed - 2nd to last
Runs and earned runs - 3rd to last
ERA - 26th worst
WHIP 25th worst
Batting Average Against - 23rd worst

And the team that was supposed to be a defensive juggernaut with 9 vacuum cleaners running around picking up every ball hit around, they have the 18th worst fielding percentage. I could check to see where their collective UZR (popular fielding stat) ranks, but then I'd have to look up exactly what it means and I'm in no mood to learn anything this early in the morning.

Oh yeah, Sox won last night in a real pitchers duel, 13-12. Pre-ven-shun.

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