Thursday, April 29, 2010

Les(ter) is more

The Sox may have outscored the Jays by only 4 runs that last series, but they swept em so who gives a f*ck? After that 4 game taint handing via Los Rays (They're Spanish now) the Sox have won a healthy 7 of the last 9 (mostly against "bird" teams) and half of these guys look like they're here to play this year and we can only hope the other half come around pretty soon.

Today is an off day. I hate off days. Even with the plethora of Boston sports going on around this city right now, we get no sports today. B's and C's don't play til Saturday, when we (as a city) get another chance for the elusive Sports Trifecta. With the other winter sports still going strong in the playoffs, I'm guessing all the talk on the radio, tv and high profile blogs (like or unlike ours is up to you to decide) will not be about the Sox and their hot streak, and that's ok by me. Soon enough it will all be about baseball and maybe this little streaky mcstreak will get the boys going so when the rest of the world turns their eyes this way the Sox will be rolling up on The Yanks and those Los Rays and making those first two weeks a distant memory.

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