Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh look, yaaaay hockey. Catch the hockey fever!

Uh oh, now it's over because USA lost. I'm not a fan of the NHL, probably never will be, but hockey in the Olympics is played at a different speed. A speed so high and intense it had me sitting down at 3:15 yesterday actually anticipating watching the gold medal game. Then the game started and I lost interest 8 minutes in.

I don't know why I don't like hockey. I should like it. It's fast, there are a lot of fights, people checking each other, guys throwing themselves in front of a puck flying 80 MPH, the general lack of teeth. I just can't get into it and I don't know why. I have my annual 'Bruins Sit Down' where I grab a few beers and one of every item from Wendys and then I sit down in front of a B's game and try to watch but before I'm even done with the second batch of chicken nuggets I find myself greasing up the remote surfing for some Nicholas Cage movie. I'm sorry, hockey. I'll probably try again sometime soon because of all this Olympic hoop-la, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Now that I think of it though. All The Mighty Ducks movies and Sudden Death with JCVD are good movies. There you go, I'm a hockey fan and I didn't even know it. Wait, I'm a huge hockey fan. NHL '95 for the Sega Genesis. Best game ever. See hockey, I knew I'd come around.

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