Saturday, March 27, 2010

Can Schoeneweis channel his inner Mientkiewicz?

I am in total agreement with the Sox on the signing of Scott Schoeneweis. The one and only thing the Sox need are guys with more crazy names. Tug, Boof, Clay, Marco, and those are just the first names. The team needs a reincarnate of Mientkiewicz. Hell, it brought them some luck last time but now they get a crazy name guy for the entire year, as if Tug and Boof weren't enough to make it through the trade deadline.

According to my internal clock, and fancy "Red Sox Facts" calendar on my desk, it looks like we're 8 days out from baseball. I don't really know how many days there are in Hanukkah, but there should be a similar gift giving and nightly countdown for the baseball season.

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