Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bust your bracket

"Bracket" is going to be the phrase of the next few weeks. Just as the Winter Olympics take place when there are no other relevant sporting events, the NCAA tourney does the same. Baseball is painfully boring to watch, especially now that they've assigned a lot of the kids to the minors already, and basketball is just dragging on til the games become important. Hockey? Sure, whatever. Go watch your precious hockey. Jerk.

I am the worst bracketer in the history of the world. Granted I do little to no research on the teams, but I throw a few upsets in there and favor some of the teams that I at least recognize the names of. What do I get out of it? Usually losing $50 or whatever my buy-in is. The games start later today, and not much later than that I'll be sitting at my desk telling myself I have to at least double check the thing when I'm done so I make sure UTEP isn't in my final four... again.

Hope your bracket doesn't get busted. God, that's annoying isn't it? Bracket. Brack-ket. Bra-cket. I'm just pissing myself off now.

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