Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I would hate being a baseball player

It would suck. Well the millions of dollars and fans and having the world at your command would be cool, but having to always be so politically correct when asked a question would kill me. For example: Mike Lowell answered some questions yesterday. You can bet one of those questions was something like:

Mike, how do you feel right now in your current position with the team?

And what does Lowell, who more or less has to hold his tongue, respond with?

...Yeah, it's not ideal.

Not ideal? Mr Lowell, you're a saint. Now what would I want to say in that position?

How do I feel? How the f*ck do you think I feel? I got traded, then un-traded because I had a frickin' hang nail on my thumb. Then I figure I'm going to be a Red Sox this year and these ass-hats sign a new 3B out of the blue. Now it's wait and see which teams wants to take a chance on the guy that the media has more less made out to have more medical problems than an episode of House. So how am I feeling? I'm feeling pretty god damn chipper right now thank you.

Lowell is too well balanced to say something like that, but remember, it's the quiet ones that make their statements by stabbing and shooting.

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BBG said...

or not performing if called to do so...