Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Give me baseball... PLEASE!!

Now that the Super Bowl has ended and Drew Brees is up for half a dozen humanitarian awards including "Overall Most Successful Person to Make Your Son Wear Headphones" it's time to turn our attention towards the next big thing: The Trucks. February 7th was a good day. It was the end of the Colts and of the football season, so now we look towards February 12th. The Day of the Trucks. I know a few months ago we posted a countdown calendar getting us through the winter, but now it's so close you can almost smell the sweat that is surely still dripping off Youk's helmet that will soon be hitching a ride down to the FLA.

A week after the truck leaves, pitchers and catchers report. That's 9 days people. That means in 9 days we'll have us some 100% real baseball activity going on. Celtics, Bruins, I'm sorry but you've had your cold, crappy winter to impress us with icings and slam dunkings but in less than 2 weeks the entire city will forget you and start to pay more attention the weight that Josh Beckett shows up to camp at. Personally, I've been keeping up with his weight all winter. 224. Thank you.


Sports Chump said...

I'm trying to think of someone more prominent who has made their son where headphones.

I'm thinking the guy who started Sony probably did somewhere along the lines, huh?

Does Brees have him beat? Maybe.

Jon said...

I'm guessing the guy who started Bose made his son eat a set of headphones just to insure he wasn't missing out on any other function of his over priced ear muffs.