Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm not here to talk about the past... Ah what the hell.

Odd that the day I decide to mention The Simpson's version of Mark McGwire, the real one comes out and admits to using steroids for ohhhh a decade. I know, give me your surprised face on that one. Remember when he originally tried to fool everyone by leaving empty Creatine and Andro containers hanging around his locker and blaming his massive forearms simply on a little extra powder in his post-workout protein shake? That was cool. It never really worked though. Then remember when he ran away from the game, only showing up "not to talk about the past" when Congress started taking a first class interest in baseball instead of the state of the economy? More coolness.

Two guesses as to why he finally admits to this now: 1) When he got his new gig in St. Louis as the hitting coach he also got this weird twitch in his head. Turns out it was his conscious and he realized he shouldn't be putting all those innocent Cardinals players through the constant pounding of steroid questions that the media would inevitably reign down upon them come spring training. And B) He's still hanging on in the Hall of Fame voting and now with the admission out for all to see, and the realization that even more roid ragers will be coming up on the ballot soon, he probably assumes this can only help him out into being enshrined into the Coop.

Oh well, yet another tainted player/season/Bash Brother. Oh Mac, what are we going to do with you?

*** Oh sweet Jesus it is painful to watch McGwire's interview with Costas right now on MLB TV. Amazingly he's more or less still denying that he took steroids for performance reasons and that he did it just for his "health". Why come all this way and STILL deny it? Giggle, McGwire just said "I prefer the oral" when asked about which steroids he took.***


Jon said...

Holy frigging shit this interview with McGwire is just ridiculous!!! "I took such a low dosage... nothing for my performance" TOTAL HORSE SHIT!!!! If anything this will hurt his HOF chances even more.

BBG said...

"Giggle, McGwire just said "I prefer the oral"..." Sounds like a Beavis comment...LOL!

Jon said...

To be clear, I think the oral thing only improves his chances of getting in to the Hall.

Sports Chump said...

Totally dig your site and your style, man. We should exchange blogrolls if you're so inclined.

Here's my take on the McGwire confession that left us with more questions than answers.

I hear Selig is in the works for a pay-per-view spectacle of the Bonds and Clemens steroid confessions. Jerry Jones could pay ten mil to host the event.

Jon said...

I'm sure you meant Jerry Springer instead of Jerry Jones, at least then we'd get to see Clemens and Bonds get in a fight with that massive bald security guard.

Your site is kind of the Disneyland to our Storyland, but we'd love to throw a link up for you if you can do the same for us. And if you don't know what Storyland is, don't bother Googling it, it only makes NH look even more pathetic.