Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big day for football

Of course not around here, because no one in their right mind in New England is a Jets or Colts fan. However, the rest of the country is probably pretty excited about the touchdowns and field goals that go down today. The one thing that does interest me in the AFC game is the fact that those stupid Jets backed into the playoffs when the Colts laid down for them a few weeks ago and now they meet again. Speaking in terms of revenge and irony, the Colts are doomed. They let these jerkasses into the playoffs and now they have to deal with them and fatty Rex Ryan and I don't see it being pretty for the Colts.

On the other side of the league, Saints vs Vikes, who gives a sh*t. Favrererevre being old is no longer a story line and I don't see the Saints as a threat to win it all.

I know I've said a million times, I'm not a football guy, and I'm not, I am however a fantasy football guy which roughly translates into me being able to make some blind predictions like those above. Baseball, where are you???


BBG said...

Super Bowl = Colts & Saints

Saints take it all.

My predictions are not based on any football expertise - but just because I can & it's free speech baby. And the fact that I can't stand to see the Colts win anything anymore...then why didn't I choose Jets over Colts??? Pee-Uuuu...

Jon said...

It appears I was 100% wrong on this one... or was I? I wanted the Colts to win (double take, yes I said that) so I opposite jinxed them with that post.

BBG said...

opposite interesting phenomenon...or is it?