Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Trails Mikey Lowell

Pending a physical and some nerd doing some number crunching, Mike Lowell is Texas bound. The Rangers parted ways with one of their dozen or so young stud prospect catchers, Max Ramirez. While I do like the name "Max" because I think it instills fear in others, (or wonder because you wonder "did your parents name you Max, like a dog?") I am definitely going to miss old man Lowell. I think if it was any injury besides the most typical old man injury, the hip, then it would not have been quite as bad, but when the guy with grey hair on your team sits out 40 games with a bad hip, well it just ain't your time any more brotha.

In regards to the team as a whole this can set up for a few big things:
  1. Adrian Beltre at 3rd. With Lowell gone and there not being that huge free agent power OF bat they might need to get the power from Beltre at 3rd and by resigning Bay in left. It's definitely a step up from Youk at 3rd and Kotchman at first.
  2. BIG THINGS - Move Youk to 3rd and bring in our dream scenario of Adrian Gonzalez or Miguel Cabrera or Prince Fielder. The movable pieces are there and with Lowell cleared out (salary smalarly) they can push Youk over to 3rd and let Adrian or Miggy or Big Fat Prince float around first base.

Things are in motion and it could mean more to come. I'm selfish, give me more. Gimme.

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BBG said...

So you think Bay will get signed?? I don't know....I think 2010 is going to be a season that will be very painful to watch...