Monday, November 9, 2009

The guy we're supposed to like

Derek Jeter (Pictured above with sweet hair) is the Yankee that everyone kind of lets have a free pass because he plays the game right and he's classy and all that other crap those hens from The View like to squawk about. Up until last week I more or less agreed that even though he is on the team that is the bane of many existences here in Boston, he's a stand up guy. However, Jeets, shut your trap on this one:

"It feels better than I remember it, man," captain Derek Jeter said. "It's been a long time."

That was in reference to winning the World Series. Yeah, it's been ages huh? It's a tough life you live. Waking up alone must be a chore like no other. Jeter was later (mis) quoted (by me) saying "I'm a huge spoiled jerk that has won more World Series in my career than any other team has won in the last 50 years." That may have been slightly taken out of context, but it was more or less implied by his first statement.

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