Friday, November 6, 2009

And we're wheelin' and dealin' already

Not even 24 hours after Steinbrenner and all his flying monkeys take home the trophy, The Sox are already making deals. That's right, Jeremy motha-effin- Hermida is coming to town baby!?!?! Jeremy Hermida? That's funny, because that doesn't sound like Jason Bay or Matt Holliday, the two players that Red Sox Nation has more or less demanded the Sox get... or else. This is (hopefully) just a small piece of the puzzle, really just to add some roster depth like every one's favorite Italian Rocco did last year. Theo will spin it like so: The guy is 26, under valued in the Marlins system, he's affordable and he wasn't costing the team a ton. Still spinning, Hermida was a first round pick a few years ago and sluggers break out at 26 years old soooo you're saying there's a chance. Whatever. It's early. Things will happen. Stay tuned.

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