Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rumor is Tim Hudson is available

For the record, this is my rumor milling and no one else's. That's not me saying "Hey, I'm Jon, I'm on the pulse of trade rumors because I write in a stupid blog." it's more along the lines of this here check list that it seems Theo and Co. seem to go by when selecting free agents:
  1. Hudson is past his prime, speaking in terms of pitchers (34 y/o this year) - Check
  2. He is recovering from injury - Check
  3. He was a premier guy once before and is on the comeback trail - Check
  4. He is most likely to decline an option with his current team worth $12 mil to go into free agency where he'll get an incentive based deal until he shows he can pitch again.
Let's see. Who does that remind me of? Oh yeah, that fat guy. What was his name? Bartolo Colon. Hmm, that's one. Oh yes, Brad Penny. And that other old guy. Smoltz? Yes, John Smoltz. And for the hell of it I'll throw in Eric Gagne and David Wells, although Wells was worth it if not just for the entertainment and I don't recall him ever being injured, unless you count being a fat booze hound as an incurable injury.

It's sad that the season is 2 days removed and I'm already dissecting moves that are months away. At least as I listen to the radio I realize I'm not the only one doing so.

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