Monday, October 5, 2009

Coors Field: I knew you well.

Not that well, but I was there on Thursday afternoon when the Rocks officially clinched a playoff spot. Notice my "crazy good" camera skills throughout all these photo.

There it is. Coors Field. We walked up, got bleacher seats (which are all bench seats) for $10 on the day of the game. You can see the upper deck there is no where near filled.

Lots of open seats. In their defense, it was a 1pm game on a Thursday. Not in their defense, it's a friggin playoff clinching game on a picture perfect day in an absolutely beautiful city. It's probably my biggest gripe for big stadiums in smaller baseball markets: no one wants to go to the games. Why build a cathedral if only 10% of the locals are religious? I hate going to new stadiums (no I don't) because it makes me want a new Fenway. It's a debate worth of its' own post, so some day it will get it but for now, more pretty pictures.
That there is Dinger. He's a purple dinosaur and he's the mascot for the Rockies. Why is the Rockies mascot a purple dino? Well, my guess goes like this. There's a lot of Rocks in Colorado. In the rocks there are fossils. The coolest fossils are of dinosaurs, well that and those things that look like dinosaurs but aren't really, like the little monkey guys. Dino wins. So, bring back the dino, make him big and purple and boom, you got a mascot. He shoots T-shirts, plays with the kids, drinks straight vodka and prances around the park for most of the afternoon.

Nice set up, great city, strange mascot and a few fans even stood up to me and told me "You're lucky we let you in with that Sox hat on." That was cool. Overall I was a fan.


Anonymous said...

I believe their mascot is a purple dinosaur because PBS was getting rid of a few Barney costumes around the same time the Rockies decided to be a little more family friendly.

Educated Steve said...

Oh, wow. good catch. that mascot does look suspiciously like one of Barney's friends...

Barney's friends:

Jon said...

I forgot to mention when a relief pitcher comes in a rather robust gentleman walks the pitchers jacket to 2nd base/short center field where he hands it off to someone from the dugout. The pudgy dude then hauls ass back to the 'pen while the entire crowd cheers him on as he shakes and shimmies his way across center.

BBG said...

Wow, entertaining! We should do that at Fenway! Who should we recruit to be the portly gentleman? Bernie of Bernie & Phyl's or maybe Mumbles Menino?