Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No "Dice-Pun" here.

It is not 1925, therefore, puns are no longer considered the pinnacle of comedic genius, unless of course you're talking to my mother. Anyways, I probably wouldn't know what such a high level of comedic genius looked like if it walked up to me, introduced itself, put on a name tag and beat the bag out of me with a comedic genius stick. However, this means no "Dice-Dice-Baby" title today, sorry "Dice way to start off the series", and "Sox Rolling the Dice". It's just not happening.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, Matsuzaka did pitch a pretty damn good game. Hell, the guy should be beyond well rested right now, seeing as he hasn't really played since March or whenever the WBC was. It will take more than one good outing before I jump back on the Dice-K wagon, but taking a game against a team you very well might see in 3 weeks again is a nice start.


BBG said...

I'm not a big gambler, so until this Dice is loaded with a few wins, I say tread lightly...Is Lachey an ugly guy, or what?

BBG said...

sorry for the puns....guess I live in the dark ages...why stop now?

Educated Steve said...

Lackey is damn ugly. UGLY POST!!!