Sunday, August 9, 2009

Someone please stop the bleeding

If the Red Sox are cheese burgers, then CC Sabathia is CC Sabathia. He ate The Sox and CC don't leave any crumbs. It seems like it's been weeks since the boys have clicked, and by clicked I mean shown any signs of life or wanting to win or playing baseball. I'm at the angry point in the series and getting to that point in the season. Don't they care how much attention I've paid? How many social activities I've put off to stay home and watch games? How long I spent photo shopping all those hamburgers earlier in the season? The sh*t is about to hit the fan and honestly tonight I think The Sox are going to bring it to The Yanks. I just do. You can only kick these guys for so long, so tonight, tonight they fight.

I leave you with a quote I heard the other day that brings hope for the Sox. "A team is never really as good as it looks when they're playing their best, and a team is never as bad as they seem when they are playing at their worst." It's not over.

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