Friday, August 7, 2009

See ya Smoltzie

Don't let the door hit ya where the good door split ya. That's kind of harsh but that's what it came down to and The Professor is no longer with the Red Sox. DFA'd today. It'd be a shame if that's the way he ended it all, but it was pretty obvious it wasn't going quite as everyone had planned. Now instead of listening to everyone talk about getting rid of Smoltz, we just have to listen to everyone talk about who is going to start and why did they get rid of Masterson, etc, etc. Should be fun.

On to more pressing matters though, like the 3 games the boys can still salvage from this road trip through hell and come up with their heads held somewhat high. Becks, Buchs and Lester. Definitely the wild card in the middle but I think they can at least get a split out of this and maybe more if they can de-rail the Yanks tonight. The blood is definitely flowing.

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