Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh yeah, you'll fit riiiiiight in

Name wise, it couldn't fit better. Nomah. Victah. Gahciaparah. Mahteenis. Just saying, name wise there could be a new guy we're all throwing our sweet ass accents at. It fits. Just saying

Last night looked bleak folks, bleak indeed. Que Franky Francisco and all of a sudden the boys wake up for a 6 run hammering against the team that apparently is rivaling The Sox in the "Wild Card". I myself haven't reduced the chances yet to the Wild Card. Sure NY is playing better than we'd like to see right now, but last night puts hope in a man. Last night makes you think the other night's lineup snafu was just that, a minor hiccup in what could be a great season. Maybe it's the full night's sleep talking, I don't know, but right now I'm a believer. Let's put Texas out of this "Wild Card" bullsh*t talk with a few more W's and give us all a better weekend than last.


BBG said...

and keep Bucky on the pitcher's mound and OFF the bases!

Jon said...

Haha yeah, that's something to see. This ain't the NL, no need to pull this double switch pinch pitching type bull.

BBG said...

ha, but in reality, ah, we probably could use a little pinch pitching in a few of those spots. I'm stymied!! What was with the bottom of the order last night??? Ortiz, Varitek, Johnson & Gonzalez? There's 4 good outs there. Short of maybe walking, those 4 couldn't bat their way out of a supplement bottle! Oh, man, sorry for that one.