Saturday, August 22, 2009

Move on people. Just move on.

No pretty pictures. No funny tag line. That was a pounding, plain and simple. In a contest to see who can get their taints handed to them faster, Penny let up 8 in 4 innings, but not to be out-tainted, Bowden came in for 2 innings letting 7 earned through while giving up 2 of Penny's runs just for sh*ts and giggles.

This is one you want to forget. You want to stay in all day and when someone comes near you, you kind of just want to punch them and then apologize only so they come closer so you can swat at them again. All you can do is wait for 4:10 this afternoon, but at the same time you know you're going to be in that fetal position rocking back and forth starting around 3 and if JT gives up a run in the first it's only going to get worse from there.

Deep breaths. Maybe some cheeseburgers and a few Sam Summers while it's still technically summer. All these things will help ease the game. Deep breaths.


BBG said...

I have a question. I heard that Bowden was brought up just in case we had a game like last night. To eat up innings so we didn't have to go to the bullpen so early. Doncha think that plays havoc on a rookie's confidence in the Big Boy's playing field?? I wouldn't be surprised if this kid went crying home to mama, and I wouldn't blame him. I think it was a bit unfair to expect much from Bowden. But maybe it gets the first innings out of the way....thoughts?

Jon said...

This is his 2nd time up this year and his second game against NY. First time he went 2, no runs or anything. Last night, definitely a lot worse. They know they have Tazawa going tonight and they'll need the rest of the pen well rested so they can at least try and take 2 out of 3. It's another one of those situations where they don't want to waste the roster on a game that is already lost in their eyes. Ugh. Not good.

BBG said...

I didn't realize Bowden had been up before, totally blanked that out. I understand the whole "eating up innings" thing. It's smart actually. Today's game was what we needed. Niiiice....Tazawa was really good today. Everytime they play like they did today, it gives me hope again for the rest of the season!! Onward, and upward!!

Educated Steve said...