Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brian Daubach saves our country... coaching baseball

Ever sit on your couch and think to yourself "I wonder what Brian Daubach is doing right now."?
Wonder no longer, the Globe has an exclusive with the famed former Sox slugger (using 'slugger' in the loosest of terms here). The Dauber is coaching an Independent league team in Nashua, which as you may have known them as the Nashua Pride, are now called the American Defenders of New Hampshire. Yup, I'm not making that up. and they wear camouflage. all the time. The sheer thought of a baseball team full of minor league rejects defending an entire state is hilarious enough, but then you picture a goofy Daubach leading the front line with eye black on and a bat and pine tar in hand, and you've got yourself comedy gold right there.
(also, Dauber appears to be nailing down his best Deluise look.)


Jon said...

As a NH resident I feel safer with Dauber guarding the borders of my fine state.

Educated Steve said...

If Dauber guards states like he played baseball, NH will be conquered by the end of the season.

Jon said...

He's actually making sure no one gets out of NH, not really much of a defender.