Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome to the 4 most boringest days of the year

I like the off-season more than the next 4 days. Oh, but you have the HR derby (DINGERS!!) to keep you entertained tonight and now the All-Star game means something especially for a contending team. Eff it. I just can't get into any of it. As a kid I remember getting pumped for the AS game because it was fun. Even with the NL being some kind of unheard foreign territory that only came around in October if you were lucky and interleague play just a brain fart in Selig's head at the time, you still knew the NL guys trotting out there and the game had some gusto because the players weren't all viewed as over paid juiced up meat heads like a lot of them are today. Ah the age of innocence as passed us by. Just let us pray that Puljos doesn't find this a fitting time to come out and tell us all he hasn't produced an ounce of his own testosterone in the last 5 years.

Also, this Saturday we're going to try something new here at the Cheese. We're going to do a live gamecast type deal thing for the game at 1:07 against the Jays. Steve and I have a wedding (mine) to attend to at roughly 5:30, but early Saturday afternoon gives us the perfect chance to have a few beers, watch the Sox and blog it up live style. If you're around please stop by and have a beer with us before I go and tie the knot.

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