Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Seattle Mariners are the second coming of the Seattle Mariners.

Two in a row? Against the Mariners? Really? The M's must not realize how us New Englanders treasure the 4th of July and the victories that usually come with the fireworks, beer and endless pile of cheeseburgers. Neil Diamond himself was in the city trying to get the mojo going across town but Saito channeled his inner Dice K and before you know it, another one run lose to a team that everyone figured was just stopping by for their yearly beatings.

Today though Tito has the luxury of giving the ball to Jon Lester and you know there is no way Les is going to let a sweep go down in the Fens this weekend. Look for some revenge today. Some bloody, gut wrenching revenge. Or at least some baseball revenge.

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