Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tell us what you really think.

I know this quote is from earlier in the year, but how often are the Sox going to be playing the Nats.

"Why did I sign with the Nationals?" Tavárez said on Sunday. "When you go to a club at 4 in the morning, and you're just waiting, waiting, a 600-pounder looks like J-Lo. And to me this is Jennifer Lopez right here. It's 4 in the morning. Too much to drink. So, Nationals: Jennifer Lopez to me."

When no team is willing to sign you and you're destined to middle relief and mop up roles I'd say Tavarez is more of the 600 pounder now. It's ok T, you'll always have Manny.


Steve said...

wait, i thought i posted crazy Julian's thoughts here...

ah well, revisiting that Manny head-patting moment is always worthwhile. actually, that moment was the hardest laughing/ wheeze i ever heard out of Orsillo.

Jon said...

Yes, this clearly shows how well we/I coordinate.