Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jacko on his backo... for good

Michael Jackson died today, continuing 2009's theme of being the "best year for celebrities to kick the bucket".  Sources say that the cause of death is not immediately known, however here at the Cheese, we're pretty sure he finally saw this video and died immediately.

I have no idea how to connect the passing of whacko Jacko to the Sox or baseball in general.  Though we have heard rumors that in his Oakland days, Eck would dress up like a zombie and reenact the Thriller video just to f*ck with Canseco.


Jon said...

It happens in 3's. Ed, Farrah and now Mikey. I'm glad I'm not famous.

KatieMB said...

Gotta love Eck's sense of humor! ;) RIP Michael.