Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It doesn't hurt to have Flash on your team

It's almost unfair. Jacoby gets on base and you could see that triple-A guy the Marlins had starting last night was sweating it out. Throws over 3 times in a row, which was a good move seeing as Jacoby's lead was halfway to second base, and then the first pitch he throws to the plate Tacoby Bellsbury is already standing on second waiting for another round of free tacos . He did that twice last night and it's great to see Ells toy with pitchers and catchers like that. This is what pitchers must have felt when Rickey Henderson was on first, besides that whole fact that pitchers were honestly scared of Rickey because he talked about himself in the 3rd person all the time. Leave your favorite Rickey quote in the comment section. It's ok, it's anonomyous, your secret identity is safe with us.

Also, Big Papi continues to turn us all back into believers. Not that any of us lost the faith? Right? RIGHT?!? Well the big guy is starting to turn it around and with the, umm, less than hard schedule coming up before the All-Star break this could be a good time to get the serious mojo working.


Jon said...

I have two which are close. The Olerud one mentioned in the link and a steroids one. A reporter asked Rickey if he thought the projected comment that 50% of MLB players use steroids was true. Rickey's response was "Well, Rickey don't use em, so that makes it only 49%." There are 100 MLB players. Rickey is one of them that didn't use. Makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

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