Monday, June 8, 2009

Hey Gody, it's me, Tity.

Do you think Tito refers to God as Gody? He adds that “y” onto the end of everyone’s name during post game. Petey. Timmy. Mikey. Sometimes he just makes their name plural. Paps. Baseball is all about nick-names, people.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to the entire game on the radio which I’ve always found as kind of a treat when you’re no where near a tv. While that translates into no Eck and no cheese, it does bring into play the exciting factor of trying to 100% focus on mentally picturing the game while attempting to navigate New England traffic. Joe C paints a great picture of the game but the guy has never seen a fly ball he doesn’t think that will make it out of the park and he sure as hell lets you know that the second the ball is hit. In return, I sure as hell raise my arms (both, coming off the wheel) and triumphantly punch above my head (thank you sun roof being open on a beautiful day) when I hear the call.

So yesterday Dicey didn’t walk anyone and struck out 8. How does that equal a loss? Usually the guy walks 5 or 6, pitches out of a bases loaded jam then does the same next inning but eventually let's us down and then leaves in the middle of the 6th with runners on base. So, umm, at least this time it was different? Off day today and then the Yankees come to the Fens for a somewhat more meaningful series than the one in April.

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