Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hello D-Lowe my old friend

Tonight will be a "sell-out" just like every other night for the last 5 years or whatever, but chances are tonight they could sell the park out with just the mother/daughter pairs that D-Lowe "charmed" during his tenure here. I think just about everyone in Boston will welcome him back, especially after that opening day in 05 when he flew back to Boston to collect his ring while he was on the Dodgers. I'm sure he didn't leave Boston empty handed that day seeing as for a good year after the Sox won it all in 04 any player had Red Sox female fans on demand. Of course this is just me speculating the dedication of the average female fan, but I know if the women of the Boston Militia took it all home then I'd have no choice but to obey to their hopefully dirty wishes. And yes, Boston has a women's football team.

I'm definitely a fan of Beckett pitching after Dice K in the rotation (for now) because when he brings it, it gets bringed big time and it can make you forget all about the night before. I don't see myself moving from this couch for quite some time considering I have 30 pounds of ribs and a few deep fried Oreos burrowing away in my stomach. May the rain hold off long enough to see D-Lowe get beat back to Atlanta.

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