Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beckett kills stuff

Evidence above. That deer buck dead thing might as well be the Braves because Joshua Patrick Beckett has not faked the funk on a nasty dunk against The Red Sox rivals this year. 2 games, 16 innings, 0 ER and 2 wins. The biggest thing though is that those 2 games, 1 has been after a Dice K crap-fest, and the second one came after the Nation had their collective under wear in a nasty bunch after The Professor failed to perform exactly like everyone expected. JPB should retire his number and just put a stop sign on his back instead.

Sure there's still more interleague this weekend (and on FOX today of all places) but you know what that's alright because when I woke this morning it wasn't raining out. Great day already.

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